Rates and Fees

Each year, the Legislature passes its “State Agency Fees and Internal Service Fund Rate Authorization and Appropriations” bill. This bill lists the rates and fees the Department of Government Operations is authorized to charge for services provided.

The authorized rates and fees for a specific fiscal year may be found by following the appropriate link available in this section. This legislation also authorizes GovOps to charge fees when it responds to a request made under the Government Records Access and Management Act (For the fees in effect between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022, see GovOps GRAMA fees, See SB0008 (2021), lines 1872 through 1882).

FY2022 Rates and Fees are available at SB0008 (2021), Lines 1840-3099.

Rate Committee

Unlike the private sector, GovOps can’t change what it charges for services without legislative approval. Approved rates and fees are available under “Rates and Fees”.

For programs that operate like a business (those that charge rates) statute requires GovOps to present proposed rates to a governor-appointed rate committee. GovOps provides the committee with a comprehensive rate information packet that provides data about each of the department’s internal service fund programs and requests for related rate changes. The Rate Committee may approve, increase, or decrease rates. It recommends proposed rates to the Governor and the Infrastructure and General Government appropriations subcommittee.

Who serves, since when, by what statute?

  • When does the rate committee meet?

Find out when the committee meets; select “State”, “Department of Government Operations”, and “Rate Committee”

  • Sign up for notifications to Rate Committee Meetings through the Utah Public Notice Website here.

Fee Hearing

Utah Code Section 63J-1-504 requires agencies to follow a process when they establish fees.  This process includes a hearing.

GovOps Fee Hearing

  • FY 2023 Proposed Fee Hearing, September 27, 2021, at 1 PM
    • Agenda
    • GovOps Proposed Fees for FY 2023


The Legislature provides budget information about the Department of Government Operations and its programs online as part of the Compendium of Budget Information, or COBI.