Air Quality Issues

Coordinator of Resource Stewardship
Aerial view of Salt Lake City with haze in the distance

Air Quality Challenges

"Air quality is a significant concern for Utah residents. The state’s topography and climate lead to episodic air pollution during the winter and summer months…Complex chemical processes create these harmful pollutants, which often rise to unhealthy levels, posing public health risks, economic consequences and decreased quality of life." - UCAIR
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Factory emitting smoke or steam

Emission Sources

Air pollution is a mix of hazardous substances from both man-made and natural sources. Vehicle emissions, fuel oils and natural gas to heat homes, by-products of manufacturing and power generation, particularly coal-fueled power plants, and fumes from chemical production are the primary sources of human-made air pollution. Comment end
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Woman jogging during hazy morning

Air Quality & Health

When the amount of pollutants in the air increases the “quality” of the air we breathe is reduced. Some people, especially those who are sensitive to pollution are at an even greater risk of experiencing negative health impacts due to poor air quality. Learn more about how air qualit plays a role in your personal health.
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