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Coordinator of Resource Stewardship

What is a Coordinator of Resource Stewardship?

As Coordinator of Resource Stewardship it is my job, and privilege, to work alongside state agencies in order to further promote partnership and relationship both within and outside state government to develop air quality best practices for the State of Utah. Contact me with questions or ideas of how we can all be a part of Utah's clean air solution. Give me a call at 801-857-1408 or email me at email michellebrown@utah.gov.

Our Purpose

The Coordinator of Resource Stewardship position was created in statute and made effective in 2016.  The intent of the position was help break down silos with state government surrounding air quality improvement.  While the position is house in the now Utah Department of Government Operations, the Coordinator of Resource Stewardship (CRS) works with all state agencies on air quality related initiatives.  The statute (Utah Code Title 63A, Chapter 1, Section 116) creating the position specifically outlines the roles of the CRS:

Index  Utah Code
Title 63A  Utah Administrative Services Code
Chapter 1  Department of Administrative Services
Part 1  General Provisions
Section 116  Appointment of coordinator of resource stewardship -- Duties of the coordinator of resource stewardship. (Effective 5/10/2016)

Effective 5/10/2016
63A-1-116.  Appointment of coordinator of resource stewardship -- Duties of the coordinator of resource stewardship.
(1) The executive director of the department shall appoint a state coordinator of resource stewardship and establish the coordinator of resource stewardship's salary.
(2) The coordinator of resource stewardship shall report to the executive director or the executive director's designee.
(3) The coordinator of resource stewardship shall:
(a) work with agencies to implement best practices and stewardship measures to improve air quality; and
(b) make an annual report on best practices and stewardship efforts to improve air quality to the Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Interim Committee.
(4) Each agency will retain absolute discretion whether or not to incorporate any of the practices or measures suggested by the coordinator.

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