Resource Stewardship Liaisons

Current Initiatives

Improving Air Quality Through Collaboration

Resource Stewardship Coordination is collaborative. Finding and implementing best practices for clean air works best when we work together and learn from others. Partnerships make it easier for the State of Utah to find solutions that improve air quality and keep government working efficiently.

Current List of Resource Stewardship Liaisons

Agency Name Resource Stewardship Liaison
Attorney General Elida Stults
Board of Pardons and Parole Representative Needed
Capitol Preservation Board Stephanie Hamilton
Career Service Review Office Annette Morgan
Dept Cultural and Community Engagement Marjorie Moore
Dept of Agriculture and Food Thayne Mickelson
Dept of Alcoholic Beverage Control Vickie Ashby
Dept of Commerce Jacob Hart
Dept of Corrections Liam Truchard
Dept of Environmental Quality Bryce Bird
Dept of Environmental Quality Ashley Sumner
Dept of Environmental Quality Matthew McPherson
Dept of Financial Institutions Michael Jones
Dept of Government Operations Melissa Brown
Dept of Health Tom Hudachko
Dept of Human Services Mark Brasher
Dept of Insurance Steve Gooch
Dept of Natural Resources Kerry Gibson
Dept of Public Safety Marissa Cote
Dept of Transportation Angelo Papastamos
Dept of Veterans' & Military Affairs Jennica Gruver
Dept of Workforce Services Jane Morrissey
Governor's Office Chris Boone
Governor's Office Tyler Cain
Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity Representative Needed
Judicial Branch Chris Talbot
Labor Commission Phu Le
Office of Energy Developemnt Bailey Toolson
School & Institutional Trust Lands Admin Scott Bartlett
School & Institutional Trust Lands Admin Patrick Johnson
Senate Not Applicable
State Board of Regents Representative Needed
State Treasurer Allen Rollo
Tax Commission Heidi Reilly
Utah National Guard Representative Needed
Utah Office of Tourism Camille Johnson
Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind Cammy Wilcox
Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind David Heath
Utah State Auditor Tauna MacPherson
Utah State Board of Education Cammy Wilcox
Utah State Board of Education Scott Jones
Utah System of Higher Education Richard Amon