Air Quality Solutions

Tracking Agency Impact on Improved Air Quality

The Coordinator of Resource Stewardship position, housed in the Department of Government Operations, is responsible for developing, implementing, and communicating air quality best practices to state agencies. The Coordinator of Resource Stewardship dashboard below gives an overview of how state agencies are doing at implementing activities and practices that will help improve Utah's air quality.

Instructions for Using the Dashboard

Using the navy drop-down menu (labeled "Agency Name") in the dashboard below, you can select which agency's information you view for the whole report.  The preset for the dashboard is to show all agencies.

The "Pre-2007 Vehicle Count" pivot table and "Air Quality Representation" table may have a scroll down bar on the right-hand side of the table if the agency's summary is too large for the provided window.  Use the scroll down bar to see all provided information.

For questions about the Coordinator of Resource Stewardship Dashboard, please submit a form response on our “Contact Us” page and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

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